Friday, March 18, 2011

The Top Ten Reasons Why I Am Not David Letterman

Throughout this week our coalition of Christians and Muslims have been serving others, seeing the sights of New York, and discussing our interfaith relationships. Because our New York minute soon draws to a close, I decided to reflect upon our experiences and have formed a Letterman-style Top Ten list of facts which I have learned this week, which are as follows:

1. Those without material wealth can and do experience happiness
2. The division of the classes is alarmingly apparent when one sees those who are homeless and those who are camera-ready on the same day
3. The traditions of Islam can make for fascinating table conversation... especially while eating in Chinatown
4. When it comes to Broadway, two really is better than one
5. The best place for spotting redheads is Times Square on St. Patrick's Day
6. The grief felt on 9/11 was not exclusive to one sect of Americans
7. A worship space should never be perceived as a sign of disrespect
8. The best fuel for fires is the media
9. The subway system not only serves as a lifeline for those in Manhattan but is also a beautiful symbol for the interconnectedness we all share as people of faith
10. Meaningful friendships are not at all dependent on religious beliefs

Although our trip must soon end, our time and work together as facilitators of interfaith dialogue is far from being over. This week has not only revealed to us the enlightenment which can be found by learning about each other's faiths, but has also shown us the importance of continuing our work once we return to Minneapolis.

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