Thursday, March 17, 2011

Krista and Zehra's amazing interfaith post!

So... let's start with the most important thing. Daniel Radcliffe. For those of you not in the know, that's Harry Potter. He has an amazing ability to make Christian and Muslim students wait in the cold for a glimpse at his shapely ear. While we could go on extolling the virtues of The-Boy-Who-Live, we would miss our point. We're more alike than we're different.

We feel that some of our similarities are the following:
 ▪    ridiculous behavior:
    ⁃    this may include spontaneously bursting into song
    ⁃    speaking with funny accents
    ⁃    freaking out in the presence of celebrities
    ⁃    over use of the word "yeah"
    ⁃    and loooooong Minnesooooootan Oh's
 ▪    Values:
    ⁃    community
    ⁃    hospitality
    ⁃    friendship
    ⁃    family
    ⁃    being open
    ⁃    charity
    ⁃    GOD
 ▪    Shared History:
    ⁃    Different Prophets
    ⁃    Jesus
    ⁃    Issac
    ⁃    Abraham
    ⁃    Moses
    ⁃    Mary
    ⁃    etc…
 ▪    Belief in the cleanliness of dirt (tayammum - Muslims, ashes at Lent - Christian)
 ▪    Lent/Ramadhan - period of renewal
 ▪    Tasbeeh (Muslim), Rosary (Catholic)
 ▪    Lessons learned from stories: Hadiths or Parables
 ▪    disciples of prophets

Well… this isn't comprehensive but its what we can come up with at midnight after several extremely full days. All these activities have brought us together. We've built relationships walking through Chinatown or Little Italy, getting lost in the subway, accosted by strangers, and rushing Broadway (some rush frats, we rush Broadway). Nicknames, NYC cuisine, serving others and serious emotions have been part of our journey. What we've learned is that while our differences are important, what we share is bigger.

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